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Our Clients

Our clients come from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter what your occupation or stage in life is. Some of our clients are young and want to get things right from the start. Others have already accumulated enough financial assets to last a lifetime and simply want help avoiding the costly mistakes which can disrupt their current or future lifestyle.

Regardless of their position in life or level of financial sophistication, most of our clients are looking to organize and simplify their financial lives so they can focus on what they enjoy doing most. They want an investment strategy that is simple and easy to understand. We provide clarity around the investment process, offer insights into how the market really works, and strive to decrease emotional stress from the process.

Many of our clients are referred by their CPA or attorney who supports our low-fee, market-based approach to investing. They know our investment strategy is based on over 50 years of academic research and that we are committed to controlling fees and expenses.

While many clients may already have an introductory knowledge of the passive approach to managing assets, all of them value the discipline, safety through diversification, lower fees and simplicity that Sensible Portfolios offers.

There is no minimum account size required to invest in Sensible Portfolios. We have a low-maintenance platform for smaller clients. We accept both qualified (IRAs, etc.) as well as taxable accounts.

However, while the Sensible Portfolios funds are completely liquid, we strongly advise clients to take a long-term perspective (five years or more) to enable us to do our job. No one can predict the market short-term. Therefore, clients should invest money they do not expect to need for other expenses. We believe you cannot grow your investments if you’re constantly tapping into them. You must have a current lifestyle that allows you financial stability.


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