The Confidence to Invest Wisely

Meet the Team

The Sensible Portfolios team is seasoned and experienced. Truth be told, we take this wealth accumulation business very seriously. We’re not looking for a quick score. We’re not inclined to the exotic or the complex. We believe our evidence-based investment strategy is a good fit for those who want to sensibly pursue their financial goals over the long haul. It’s that simple.

Darrell Armuth

Founder and Portfolio Manager

Darrell is a licensed CPA in Nevada. He worked in public accounting for several years before starting Sensible Portfolios in 1994. From the beginning, he understood clients value a transparent relationship with their investment advisor. Sensible Portfolios has no hidden fees or commissions and offers an investment strategy that is designed for long-term success and is easy to understand.

Darrell is from a pioneer ranching family from Eastern Nevada. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the university of Nevada, Reno. Darrell is married and has three grown children.

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