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How often do you re-balance my account?

We compare each portfolios allocation to its target each quarter. The decision to rebalance will depend on the dollar amount to be reallocated, future contributions or withdraws, and potential tax consequences in a taxable account.

Can I customize my account?

No, each account is assigned an investment model. Clients can move into different investment models, however, we do not customize individual accounts.

Sensible offers four investment strategies, each of which have a number of portfolios available based on different risk tolerance.

How often do I receive statements and reports?

Our custodians, TD AMERITRADE Institutional or Fidelity Investments , send out monthly statements for each account. They also offer web access to account information.

Is there a cost to terminate the agreement if I am not satisfied with your services?

No, either party can terminate the Agreement at any time and for any reason. There are no termination charges. A final invoice will be drafted based on the number of days during the current quarter that the account was under management.

Are there any hidden fees or expenses that I should know about?

No, we disclose all fees and expenses deducted from your account when you become a client.

Basically there are three types of fees/expenses deducted from your account:

  • The Sensible Portfolios management fee.
  • The mutual fund manager's fees and expenses.
  • The transactional trading fees assessed by the account custodian.
Are you affiliated with Dimensional Fund Advisors?

Sensible Portfolios has no financial relationship with Dimensional. No fees are paid to or received from Dimensional. We have been granted approval by Dimensional to trade their products.

We use Dimensional products because we believe they are the leaders in the evidence-based approach to investing.

Does Sensible Portfolios have a minimum account size?

We don’t have a minimum account size, instead, we only work with clients who are long-term investors.

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