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Make the Most of Your Social Security Benefit
In this podcast episode, Lena breaks down Social Security and explains how to optimize its benefits for your retirement. Gain valuable insights on the funding, structure, and benefits of Social Security.
The Risk of Professional Investment Advice
Managing your finances and planning for retirement can be complicated. As your assets grow, consider retaining a financial advisor to help you with your investments, define your goals and create a plan for achieving them.
Tax Strategies for Retirement
Taxes are a critical part of retirement planning. They include federal, state, and local income taxes. If you own real estate (like your home), you will need to budget for property taxes.
How To Build an Investment Portfolio for Retirement
In this podcast episode, Lena reviews the fundamentals of investing and discusses how you can construct a simple, effective retirement portfolio.
How to Have a Money Mindset and Achieve Your Financial Goals
Learn how to have the right money mindset to achieve your financial goals with this visual guide.
A Visual Guide to Retirement Savings by Age: 7 Tips and Tricks
Here’s what you need to know about preparing for retirement savings at every age.