The Confidence to Invest Wisely


Unhealthy Attachments

Have you ever made yourself suffer through a bad movie because, having paid for the ticket, you felt you had to get your money’s worth? Some people treat investment the same way. Behavioral economists have a name for this tendency of people and organizations to stick with a losing strategy purely on the basis that they have put so much time and...

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Connecting the Dots

“The Australian dollar rose today after Westpac Bank dropped its forecast of further central bank interest rate cuts this year,” read a recent lead story on Bloomberg. Needing to create order from chaos, journalists often stick the word “after” between two events to imply causation. In this case, the implication is the currency rose...

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Not Rocket Science

When the media raises the subject of beating the market through astute stock picking, the name Warren Buffett is usually cited. But what does this legendary investor actually say about the smart way to invest? Buffet is considered to have such a track record of picking stock winners and avoiding losers that his annual letter to shareholders in his...

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Five Things Every Young Investor Needs to Know

When investors develop the right habits and attitudes about investing early in their working career, they greatly improve the quality of their retirement years. Below are five common sense suggestions that will help today’s young investors become more successful: Be different: Save money regularly. This is so obvious that I shouldn’t have...

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